your life's



12 week mentorship program

An intimate group mentorship program for Empath-entrepreneur seeking clarity on the evolution of their purpose, confidence to own it, and true Rites of Passage to become their higher self.


APPLY NOW feel deep down in your soul you are meant for something bigger. know you are here to raise the vibration of the planet,
 help others, and lead a movement but feel... 
and lack of confidence and clarity

You're business is not actualizing the success you've envisioned...

The aligned clients aren't coming in
you're getting lost in the strategy game
and unconsciously picking up on (absorbing and regurgitating) the offerings and messaging of the inspiring leaders and business owners you follow on social media.

It's time to anchor into your purpose and embody your SOUL'S potential. 

You're in the right place if...
...You are sensitive and know have spiritual gifts, and desire a more intimate connection with them.  You want to feel empowered by them and not afraid of what others might think.

...Your deep knowing of your a big mission is keeping you stuck in paralysis analysis, and desire CLARITY in what it is you are here to do and more confident in yourself and your path.

I'm grateful you're here;
Your intuition guided you here if...

Hey Conscious leader,

I got you,
and I can tell you this...

You are worthy of living the most fulfilling and impactful life you've been dreaming of;
it's your purpose.

You came into this lifetime to do this work and live out.

You ready to take action?

Inside Activate Your Life's Purpose,
You don't get reveal information about your soul's mission and  identify your sacred gifts...

We blend psychology, neuroscience, energy healing, rites of passage, ceremony, and high dimensional channel within my proven methodology to ALIGN you with your purpose- so you don't just KNOW it
~ you become it. 

You know as well as I, it isn't just the lack of information that's been keeping you from living out your purpose, 
it's your current programming-
energetic, emotional, mental, and physical. 

Yes~ this is the program you have been manifesting into your life AND the program you soul has been craving; one that will teach you how to tap into your soul's vibration ON DEMAND so you can be your own healer & help yourself back to aligned when you fall out.


YOU: making the most fulfilling, positive impact on the planet
by showing up as and being the most joyous and authentic version of you.
Empowered & free.

Confident in your soul's work--
changing lives, making the exciting impact and income your soul has been craving.

You know EXACTLY what your life's purpose is. 
You are confident in your abilities;
completely tapped into and accessing the depths of your spiritual gifts.

You are living in alignment with your souls vibration,
easily accessing the state of flow,
trusting the process, and manifesting the reality of your dreams.

You are FREE from the grip of your ego;
FREE from limiting beliefs, self doubt,
and disempowering energy loops of feeling not enough.

If this visualization check's off all the boxes, Activate Your Life's Purpose is going to provides you the tools, guidance, and energy shifts you have been asking for
~ quantum transformation style.

- Feel drawn to helping others and KNOW it's a part of your purpose
- Feel like you've outgrown the purpose you've been living 

- Have a deep *maybe unspoken about* feeling that you are destined to make big impact

- Feel stuck but KNOW their is more out there for you -- the mission you're here to lead is bigger than you

- Have reoccurring dream you have or meditate you go to where you are guiding, healing, empowering others is a vision of your destiny

- Feel deep with your soul that you were meant to be a profound healer, channeler, activator, sage, modern-day shaman

- Understand the urgent important of raising the vibration of the planet and feel you are apart of this movement to make it happen

- Know you have spiritual gifts but don't know how to fully access the depth of their powers

- Desire to be more confident and empowered

- Said 'yes' to the majority of the above statements

- Are ready to clear the blocks that have been keeping you from living out your purpose

- Are willing to do the work to make the transformation happen 


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you've been divinely guided...

it's your purpose is bigger than you-

it's time to use your unique gifts to raise the vibration of the planet in the most impactful and joyful way

You will leave this program with:
▴ Feel confident in living out your soul's mission in the most impactful, joyous, and fulfilling way 

▴ Powerful intuitive channel; Feeling connected with the universal flow

▴ Energetic and neurological reprograming: energetic alignment and conditioning that creates success, fulfillment, and joy

▴ Unwavering TRUST: The deeper sense of knowing and trusting in all big picture plan of the universe

▴ Energetic mastery; energetically unfuckwithable- able to align with your soul's vibration

▴ Confidence in showing up as your authentic self

▴ Certainty in your life's work, in alignment, manifestation, and easy flow

▴ Freedom from fear of your success 

Activate Your Life's Purpose is a 12-week
intimate group mentorship program;
 it is a transformational journey to awaken your authentic empowered self
while reconstructing
and activating your energy
to match the frequency of your best life.

Inside Activate Your Life's Purpose,
you will develop a  clear understanding of your unique gift,
step into your authentic vibration,
and own your power.

This program is designed to transform your reality~
working on an ALL level to heal, enlighten, and elevate.

You don't just discover your purpose (or evolution of it)
you BECOME it~ and leave confident to lead it

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“This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself…I’ve learned so much from this program… I am able to now be who I’m here to be, I have stepped into my power and most authentic self!”

Macey Minor

"It has shifted my life in ways I could have never imagined... I am so confident in showing up now and sharing my gifts with the world, which is something I struggled with for so long!"

Kate Emma

"AYLP not only helped me narrow in my on purpose and be able to better understand what I'm meant to do but it also gave me the confident..."

Brianna Brown

“I can truly say I feel the most whole - the clarity I was seeking on my life purpose - I have it! At 40 years old- I can honestly say we done a lifetime worth of work in 11 weeks!” 

“ I feel a deep overwhelm of love and gratitude everyday for Alissa & Ashley, our AYLP soul sisters, the tools and just how deeply this has all helped me arrive into myself. I AM BUZZING WITH LOVE AND MOTIVATION!!! <3” 

“I am so grateful to be apart of this amazing container....It feels totally unreal to look back at who I was when I started this journey and who I am now. I don’t know how I could ever thank you…”

“For the first time in probably my whole life, I can start being proud in knowing and being who I am...” 

“I know you're not supposed to have expectations, but coming into this program I did- and you BLEW those expectations way out of the water halfway into the program! I have gotten SO much from Activate Your Life's Purpose!” 

"Ashley has totally changed my life and I NO regrets investing in myself!"

“I already nearly feel like a new person and am happier from having more purpose...” 

"Honestly, you have helped me in more ways than I imagined. You helped me understand my soul purpose and really finding the light in my story."

" I am so grateful for this program...I was so lost but I knew there had to be a way to improve my life and you helped me so much..."

"With your tools and guidance I have less depression and anxiety in my life and I know I will continue to get better. This program has been like a plant that needed love and care. Each week I continue to grow."

"I have gotten more clarity on my purpose and have taken more action towards my goals than I have in the last six months combined!"

"This program has helped me figure out my life's purpose while learning how to create healthy habits and stop the energy loops. Thanks Ashley for all you do..."

"I needed to make real soul-aligned moves and AYLP led me there. I didn't know I had lost it when I said yes, but AYLP gave me my power back."

"Everything I have learned in this program has been crucial. I couldn’t have chosen a better group to do this with."

 "...What I got was insights into those defeating cycles I'd never seen before, spiritual growth x1000, guidance on creating a path for my life that was all of my own design, and so much love and community from all the lovely people I've gotten to know in AYLP."

"Literally the majority of what I’m drawing on, and my foundation being unshakable, has comes from the work we are doing here."

What past students have to say

▴ 10 modules of fully-loaded transformational content 
▴ Pre-recorded trainings
▴ Mindfulness trainings by Alissa Bailey
▴ Expansive in-depth workbooks
▴ Week of soulful incorporation 
▴ Self guided energy diagnosis
▴ 9 self-empowered guided Master Energy Healings
▴ Channeled Attunement for each of the 7 Chakra's
▴ 8th Chakra Activation 
▴ 10 set masterwork to actualize your growth
▴ Post-progress planning (so your transformation continues long after the program ends)
▴ Lifetime access to the program material
▴ 12 live group calls where you will receive 1:1 mentorship from Lead Facilitator, Alissa Bailey
▴ 5 additional group calls with Ashley DuFresne for spiritual, energetic, and channeling support
▴ Access to Ashley & Alissa for Q & A 
▴ 12 weeks of support inside the private group Facebook group
▴ Connection with other Soul Ignitors who are as gifted and into spirituality as you are
▴  BONUS material including: 
     > Shamanic Ancestral Healing Workshop
     > Mini-course on how to become a Master Channel
     > Empowered Empath Masterclass

What you get inside AYLP

"It was indeed LIFE-CHANGING!
...I have gotten comments from numerous people saying that my energy is SO much brighter since the program- and I feel it myself...I've been told I'm more present, positive, and more like ME!"

Bridget Pennisten

"By going through this program I have become this Healing Empowered Woman with a purpose, and someone who knows where she's going and has the tools to get there! It's really amazing!"

Lucia Agnelli

"Thank you Ashley for creating the program I have been waiting my whole entire life for.
And if you out there resonate with this program- you own it to yourself- you so deserve it…"

Michelle Baird

"Coming in to the program I felt a lot of insecurities, anxiety, guilt around feeling out of alignment with my business... The process that I was lead through allowed to shed of all of the and step into this new version of myself! One that is so much more aligned, peaceful, present and accepting of myself..."

Lydia Silfen

“What we did was a lifetime worth of work and it feels SO GOOD to be in this place now, and I know AYLP was the catalyst for getting me here… This is life-changing and by far one of if not THE best investment I made in myself, ever.”  

LaToya Roux

“I went in [to AYLP] with pretty high expectations… what I didn’t know was how POWERFUL and radical it would alter the way not only that I see and view my self…but that I would get SO much more out of it!”

Karlyn Langjahr

With a repertoire steeped in spiritual practice and modern psychological sciences, Alissa Bailey’s work marries the power of both to bring you the practical tools necessary to embody transformation. Her life’s purpose is to be in service of systemic reclamation & to ignite others on the journey of radical self-healing. As your Lead Facilitator, she honors this in ways unique to each individual & the collective as you move through this special rite-of-passage. She has served as a facilitator in clinical mental health, horticultural therapy, wilderness rites-of-passage, and trauma-informed therapeutic settings and is currently studying to obtain her Masters in Mindfulness Based Transpersonal Counseling - all of which she brings to AYLP to serve you and the many facets of your purpose. 

Along with weekly mentorship, Alissa challenges you to rebrand what you think you know about mindset and change. Our mindset results in our reality, but when we choose to make a change, simply “knowing” that mindset is important is not enough to create what we desire. We must dig deeper. It is by understanding the relationship between the brain, body, and spirit that we learn to work WITH these forces in order to live the life that truly fulfills us. By utilizing behavioral psychology, neuroscience, somatic wisdom and mindfulness practice, Alissa will teach you how to cultivate systemic shifts that result in potent, sustainable change and aligned action. 

There is an overwhelming abundance of information on the different practices one could use to produce change; and it can be discouraging to sort through them to unearth those that both resonate with you and work in the ways they claim. Alissa offers you only those practices that are scientifically sound- rituals that work WITH the entire system to produce tangible results, often immediately. 

Each week, Alissa will guide you in a crash-course, helping you to better understand your own innately intuitive system, along with a corresponding practice that fine-tunes your relationship with it. As each lesson builds upon the last, soon you will notice not just the small changes, but a transformative reconfiguring of your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. It is this reconfiguration that opens you to receive and activates your own knowing around your purpose!

When working with Alissa, you will unlock the secrets to your own personal fulfillment, not just through mindfulness practices, but by integrating mindfulness into your every experience. Her mission is to help you gain clarity on why you are who you are, cultivate empathy towards yourself and OWN YOUR STORY- so that you actually feel empowered to take action in the ways you most desire. Through this new approach to embodied empathic living & radical ownership, all is possible.

Meet Alissa bailey...
Your Lead Facilitator 

Between Ashley DuFresne and Alissa Bailey, they collectively have 20 years of coaching/ mentoring experience, 2 psychology degrees (a third in the works), Authentic Leadership certification, and 10 years of clinical mental health training.

In addition you're getting a high dimensional life's purpose channel by your side- one that has been refining, training, and honing her gift for a lifetime. PLUS nearly a decade of energy healing- training, refinement, and mastery.

You couldn't have picked a better team by your side...

Level-up your life

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You have written out, know deeply, and are now EMBODYING your life's purpose. You are a confident soul ignitor~ but just because AYLP  is coming to an end doesn't mean your journey of living out your purpose is too. Inside Module 10, you will be impactfully marking transition and guided to creating a step by step action plan to continue your accelerated journey of ascension and actualize your life's purpose. I want to insure you are set up for success for when you graduate and exit this sacred container. 

module 10: Proclaiming your life's purpose 

Module 8: Authentic self // STILLNESS & INCORPORATION

In this phase, you will strip away the low-vibe, less aligned energy you've been holding on you, reveal who you TRULY are (it goes deeper than you think), and begin step into this most powerful version of yourself. 
At this point, your energy has experienced massive shifts and your full of excitement for all that you've uncovered. You will metabolize that energy and turn your knowledge and excitement into wisdom and soul connection. 

module 7: the depths of your purpose 

As your state of consciousness raises, you are elevating and aligning more clearly with your souls vibration. You are able to tap into and access all the knowledge and truths that exist with your highest, most aligned self. You will go into the depth of what your purpose is and learn how to navigate the hold of the ego- break free from limiting beliefs, self- doubt, and begin the energetic shift into a confident, empowered Soul Ignitor. 

module 6: Revealing your magic

Your energy is vibrating completely different than when you started. You are now in an elevated state of consciousness in which you will now effectually be able to to dive into and reveal: your souls mission, your sacred gifts, the WHY you came into their life with that drives you to make the impact you were destined to make. 

module 5: Severance: ceremony of releasing

At this point in the program, MASSIVE transformation has occurred, more than you could have ever imagined was possible. This module is a sacred pause- a moment to honor and FULLY SEVER from all that you are ready to let go of.
In this module you will learn the depths of Ceremony, the power it contains and the science behind its power. You will be guided in creating ceremonies that create permeant change in your life. 

module 4: constructing aligned truths

You will undergo the process of life's story archaeology. You will retrieve patterns and repeated cycles as well as be guided in rewriting the most aligned truth that will begin to serve you and energetically each layer of your energy body with your desired, fulfilling life. 

module 3: life's journey

Becoming a witness to the stories you have been playing out over and over is a practice like no other. In this module you will dive deep into your life's journey thus far and begin to look at it, and all of its patterns from the lens of honesty and compassion. 

module 2: constructing energy ascenders

Inside this module you will begin break free from your energy loops and set in place a tangible, clear trajectory to realigned each layer of your life to harmonize with your more aligned self.  Because we are looking at each energy loop from a multi-dimensional view point, we are able to make massive transformation fairy quick, its common to already see changes occurring within yourself and the world around you by this point. 

For transformation to occur, we must know truly where we begin. It is a primary agenda to evaluate your current "Energy Loops" (Old stories, unhelpful habits, limiting beliefs, blocks, etc.) 
that is keeping you from living the life you have been aspiring to achieve and -BREAK FREE OF THEM-

Module 1: baseline

Ready for this~~

the Jounrey

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Module 9: channeling // STILLNESS & INCORPORATION

Here, the dust will settle, and you will undergo a journey within a journey to deepen the connection with your soul. You will tap into and hone your gift of channeling. This sacred container will provide you the space of stillness to fully integrating all you've uncovered, learned, and grown.

this isn't a mentorship program
it's a life-altering, rite of passage.