Hi, I am Ashley DuFresne~ 
master channel, life purpose mentor & soul ignitor.
i exist to live my best life and remind people they are here to do the same.

I channel a collective's of dimensional beings ranging from earthly, ancient, celestial realm, and high-dimensional galactic councils. This includes, but is not limited to: The Archangels, Ascended Masters, the Council of Light, Arcturian, Pleiadians, Orion, Lyrans, Mantis, Spirits of Nature, Keepers of the Earth, The Elementals,  Animal Spirits and mystical Creatures- ONLY beings of the highest light and truth.

The channeling come through as insight, tangible guidance, healings, and energetic adjustments. Each channeling session is unique with whom channels though and what they have to offer based on that they feel my client needs most.

Each Light-Code Attunement is unique and channeled specifically for whom it's intended for and acts as a "frequency frame-work".

These powerful channeled Attunements shift work in your energetic blueprint, activating and instilling high vibrational frequencies of your desired, these act as magnets to like-energy into your life. This allows a quantum shift to occur within your life.

These channeled  light code Attunements are designed to make you THRIVE~

Light-Code Attunements

About my Gifts

The combination of the Light-Code "frequency frame-work" Attunement 
Channeled step-by-step action plan
Creating massive and permeate change within your life in a FRACTION of the time it would have taken on your own. 

The celestic formula of quAntum growth 

Level-up your life