ignite your soul;
share it with the world.


Now is your time. 

You KNOW you are here for a reason 
and know you are meant to change lives...

It is my purpose to walk beside you and ensure you have
 clarity on your gifts,
your soul's mission,
your MAGIC~
raise your vibration to match the frequency of your authentic self-
and instill within you: confidence, personal power, and fiery drive to

If you FEEL with you this truth resonate at a soul level--
you made it; you have been intuitively guided to this page,
and I am grateful you are here.


Evolution of Your Purpose

guidebook to align yourself and your business with your next evolutionary expression 

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HEY, I'm Ashley DuFresne

My purpose is to awaken people to their soul's potential;
to instill confidence, personal power, and self-value-
To align their vibration with the frequency of their soul so they gain clarity of their purpose and the sacred gifts that are meant to be shared with the world.

I am a  semi-conscious channel who channeled the wisdom, guidance, and light codes of high dimensional collectives to level-up and ignite the light in others who are MEANT to make a positive impact on the planet.

 My mission is to ignite the truth in people that they are meant to live- not just survive, and remind them that they are meant to live the most joyous and for filling life imaginable. 

Are you feeling the call? ;) 


"OK seriously people, I have had probably 50 different types of healings, and none were comparable. Ashley was very in-tune with everything i had going on and couldn't be without being very in-tune with herself. Her unique approach of channeling, hands on healing and energy work are FANTASTIC! The channeling that comes through the guides Ashley works with is nothing short of amazing. Honestly, I was not much for hands on healing because of the experiences I have had prior, however Ashley has changed that for me. I couldn't have had a better experience, hands on healing you can FEEL, a psychic reading, and a medium all in one package! 
Thank you Ashley, for sharing your gifts with me and the rest of the world. Cant wait until we do this again!!!"

- Aaron Sudo

"I highly recommend Ashley... She is a gifted and genuine channel and healer. I can truly say that the communication and hands on healing I received through her were pivotal and have helped immensely in a significant life turning point. I have interacted with a fair amount of readers and healers and am always a bit skeptical. I am also very energy sensitive, so I am fairly guarded too. I felt not only completely safe with Ashley, during the process, but also taken care of in a completely honest and sincere way by her and the guides that came in for her and I. Gratitude!"

- Scarlet Ireland

"I have had channeling sessions before, I have had energy healing but I have never had the unique combination of the gifts that Ashley has to offer. I'm sure everyone's sessions are different and unique to them but after stating to her some of my intentions and desires what I found, which was really special to me, was that she and a variety of my guides assisted me by guiding me through my own body so that I could feel for myself what an energetic block felt like and how to navigate myself through it. That was what I was hoping to understand and was pleased with the experience. To have a teaching, healing, and channeling all in one was really powerful experience. I have such a great respect for Ashley, she is humble, hardworking, authentic and such a heart centered being! I am very thankful!!"

- Michelle Baird

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